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4 Essentials To Convert Network Marketing Leads Without Speaking To Anyone

In Internet network marketing, we need to be doing just 1 thing everyday to generate network marketing leads and get good at doing the things that are important without having to spend too much money, by leaving out guess work.

This means not having to worry about technical stuff which does not bring in money. Advertising and marketing are the main things which generate revenue. Revenue generating activities involve distributing website namecards, video marketing, classified ads.

Notice there was no mention of sales. Sales is not done by the reps, instead we use an auto responder to close the business. That’s the amazing thing of the 21st century and we should utilize this technology to build our wealth in our sleep.

When we start making 1 sale online, all we need to do is duplicate the system and teach this to everyone in the downline so that they too can earn 4 to 5 figures online simply by using the internet and a laptop.

Here’s what is used to convert network marketing leads without talking to anyone.

a) Website

Every member will have a website of their own. This is a website that belongs to the team and not the network marketing company. Everyone in the system are aware of the steps to take to build the business and sell the products. The website will also be loaded with methods the team uses to build the business with the internet. Most of the work is already done and the downline need not worry about html or how to set up an auto responder.

By leveraging on what is already existing, new non techy members can leave out the technical stuff and short cut their way to earning recurring income online.

b) The team’s Auto Responder

This auto responder normally belongs to the upline. In this way, the upline assists the downline with tips and tricks on succeeding in the business by email. Not only that, the auto responder allows through duplication of the system and everyone gains access to an automated sales man which closes sales on auto pilot. Additional tips can be also found in the back office, such as effective ads and avenues to advertise which bring in sales.

c) Email series with each affiliates embedded links

The magic of auto responders is that a single auto responder can be configured for every single team member. Amazing isn’t it? 1000 members can all benefit from a single auto responder so long as the team knows how to configure it for everyone’s success.

d) Other forms of income in the site

Other then the main network marketing business opportunity, other streams of income can also be added to the site. Network marketing leads that do not join the business, may be interested to purchase products that create wealth through other methods such as adsense and blogging. When they do, the members still get to earn a commission even though no one joined their business. This is called affiliate marketing which can be used to supplement the main network marketing income stream

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