Marketing Money

A Guide To Grow Your Content Site And Generate Profits

Looking for a step by step method to grow your content site and turn it into profits? This blueprint will show you how to do it.

Throw In Money-Making Systems

There are so many ways to do this, it would be too difficult to list them all.

The most obvious is adding ‘Pay per Click’ links, like Google Adsense or one of the alternatives. Since your blog will be tightly themed, you’ll see well targeted ads appearing across your blog.

Another proven system is to run ads for products or services. These can be your own, or ones you’re promoting as an affiliate.

A critical way you can differentiate yourself from the crowd is to do a short ‘advertorial’ (or endorsement) instead of merely placing a link or banner for the product or service you’re promoting. Use a picture, some bullet points highlighting the biggest benefits, end with a powerful call to action, and insert your affiliate link.

When you’ve created this endorsement box, insert it into the blog template so it shows up across your blog, getting your ad multiple exposures – giving you the highest chance of making a sale.

Kickstart The Marketing

Set up your blog to ping the major services every time you update your blog.

Promote your opt-in list everywhere – in email sig files, on forum signatures, on ezine directories, running paid ads, ad swaps, doing JV deals.

  • Submit your blog’s RSS feed to all the major directories.
  • Use ‘tag and ping’ to get listed in social bookmarking sites.
  • Run your blog roll list – and start conversations with other bloggers.
  • Encourage visitors, subscribers and forum registrants to help spread the word.
  • Submit articles to various directories and ezines, linking back to your blog.

These are the most effective, least expensive methods I’ve used to drive the initial rush of traffic. They should work well to begin with – and then, you can take it as high as you wish.

How It All Synchronizes Together

Sure, it takes some time to set this all up correctly. But when you consider how easily and effortlessly you can continue to manage your ’system’ once it’s set up, you’ll agree it’s well worth the effort.

When your framework is in place, here’s what you’ll have to continue doing:

1. Post a short article or post to your blog regularly, often

2. Well, really, there is NOTHING further to do!


Your post on your blog will link to your forum – inviting visitors to discuss it. If you allow comments to be posted, these visitors will also generate content for your own blog.

The discussions on the forum will generate a vibrant community – after some intiial nurturing and hand-holding, of course – which then becomes self-sustaining. (Think about how often you see Allen Says in here, and you’ll get the idea!)

The autoresponder system will automatically pull content from your RSS feed and email it to your registered subscribers, providing them with the latest content, and maybe also enticing them back to the forum and blog.

As more and more visitors hit your blog and forum, your list will grow, and more folks see your ads – and soon you’ll be making sales.

Throw in viral pass-along systems, and everything grows incrementally – hands off.

Your only ‘expense’ needs to be on content development (if you don’t want to do it yourself). Everything else can be found for free, or at a very nominal cost (not counting your time and effort investment in learning and implementing the technology)… and will quickly become self-financing if your PPC and direct sales revenues grow.

Andrea loves to spend most of her time on different social media sites. She is very creative in her approach and always likes to think outside the box. She has a special interest in connecting with other app developers and joined many online gamer communities.