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Consider these facts: The business of network marketing worldwide is able to produce more millionaires than any other industry. Over more than a hundred thousand people all over the globe sign up, either part-time or full-time, to be network marketers each and every week. As of today, there are currently over 50 million network marketers […]

An Introduction To Affiliate Marketing

4 Essentials To Convert Network Marketing Leads Without Speaking To Anyone

A Guide To Grow Your Content Site And Generate Profits

7 Tips For Success And Better Results In Network Marketing

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An Introduction To Affiliate Marketing

Every employee dreams of one day quitting their job and becoming their own boss. This can be a great dream because apart from running your own business, there’s a possibility that you can do all these things at the comfort of your home. If this is what you want, diving into affiliate marketing can be your thing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

To explain it in the most basic way, affiliate marketing is a system where you market or advertise the product of a certain company and once they make sales through your effort, then you will receive a commission in return. How you do this is all up to you and your commission will be limited to your ability to attract customers to that product or service.

If you are efficient in looking through the internet, you will be able to find hundreds and thousands of affiliate programs that you can sign up for. You should know that new products and items are popping in the market every day so there’s no need for you to worry that you won’t find anything useful to sell and make a commission out of it.

By being an affiliate marketer, you can take it upon yourself to do good business. Just think of an affiliate program as something that you will do business through the internet without any hassles of storing, ordering and shipping anything. All you have to do is just build a solid network and push your marketing efforts on avenues which you think has a good customer base. Through that, you will see good traffic on the business’ web portal and the purchases that every customer has made will all be credited to you.

Is Affiliate Marketing for Everyone?

People who are about to venture into affiliate marketing would often find themselves asking the question if it is indeed for them. The answer to that is simply no. The basis for that depends on many factors as well as choosing the right kind of affiliate program. There are programs that require a one-time payment to become an affiliate while there are also those that offers it for free.

The most common mistake that a lot of affiliate marketers make is thinking that even though they put minimal effort in affiliate marketing, money will just start pouring in. This is not the case because a simple case of advertising and just by posting regularly on the internet won’t make things work out for you. You need to understand that affiliate marketing requires more understanding, effort, determination, consistency and even some money for it to push through.

Affiliate Marketing Costs

So how much money are you going to spend to become a good affiliate marketer? This depends on the product or service that you will be selling and the type or level of marketing that you’re going to use. Smart and focused affiliate marketers often don’t spend money in finding customers because they know how to do their marketing right. Just by using their creativity and the wide array of free marketing resources, they can take advantage of the internet and make good sales for their products.

How To Stay Within Your Budget

Creating a budget is the easy part…knowing how to stay within your budget is the tricky thing! It feels good to have everything on paper and know where we can save money, but making a conscious effort to follow the planned budget can be another story. Does it have to be that difficult? No, it doesn’t. Here are 5 ways to make things easier.

1) Stay Committed

Without commitment, a budget is just writing on a paper. Make it a daily task to review your expenditures and income so there’s always an understanding of where your finances stand, and a reminder to stick to your goals.

2) Make Lifestyle Changes

Simple changes in your lifestyle can make it a lot easier to stay within your budget. Packing a lunch for work or school can save up to $35 a week. Multiply that by four weeks and that’s $140 a month in savings to keep you on target.

Another example: instead of walking into a supermarket with no list and no idea of what to prepare for the week’s meals, plan ahead. Plan meals for the week, create a shopping list, then shop on days where you can receive extra in-store savings or double-coupon deals. Studies have shown that people who shop with a list are less likely to overspend.

3) Keep your Focus on the Prize

When you created your budget, you probably had a goal in mind. Financial security, saving for a dream vacation, planning a purchase of a new home, or simply getting out of the rut of living payday to payday. No matter what your initial thought or goal was when you created your budget, keep your focus there. Write it on the top of your monthly budget as a daily reminder of the positives, rather than the negatives, of sticking to your budget.

4) Think Before you Spend

When you go to the mall and see the latest must-have gadgets or new clothing trends just STOP! Ask yourself this question: “Is this something that I need, or just something that I want?” There’s a big difference. There should be extra money in your budget for variable purchases, but buying on a whim means that you may have to cut from somewhere else.

5) Pay Cash

Keep your credit cards at home. The amount that you pay in interest could be added to your savings for that dream vacation that you have been thinking about, or that new car that you desperately need. Credit cards are a sense of false wealth – nothing more, nothing less. If you don’t have the cash, than it’s probably something not worth buying. Remember, your desire is to stay on task with your budget, not increase debt for fleeting pleasure.

Remember, a budget is meant to keep you free from the chains of debt. It’s not meant to make your life miserable and boring. Budgeting correctly, and staying within the guidelines that you set for yourself, may be difficult, but the benefits will far outweigh the drawbacks.

Face Your Financial Reality

This is the first and hardest step for many, but the most important. This is where avoiding the nature of your income and relative daily expenses come into the light.

It becomes so easy to just pay minimum balances and file the receipts away without paying much attention to how much is owed, how much is being paid in interest, and how long it will actually take you to pay off that debt. The reality is that avoidance does not make the finances get better; it only gets worse.

1) Gather all your household expenses

This includes expenses such as, electricity, mortgage, home or apartment rent, gas, water, groceries, and cleaning items, along with an estimate of maintenance expenses. These are your standard expenses that generally stay constant each month.

2) Gather all your medical expenses

Your medical premiums are probably already paid by your employer, so you don’t even see this money, which is nice. These medical expenses would include monthly medications and any monthly medical payments you made outside of your premium. For example, co-payments, or percentage payments of medical services rendered.

3) Gather your unsecured bills

These are the credit card bills that you may have been tucking away hoping that they would disappear. Bring them out as these can be a major part of anyone’s monthly expenses. Unsecured bills are those that do not have collateral attached to them.

4) Gather your secured bills

Secured bills are your loans that have collateral attached to them, such as a home equity loan.

5) Gather all your childcare expenses, if you have any

This would be babysitter expenses, morning care and afternoon care at schools, preschool and private school tuition, as well as lunch costs. Any activities that your children attend would also be in this category.

6) Gather all your personal expenses

This is a tricky one. This is not the CDs, and the latest gadgets. This is personal items that you need to purchase, such as hygienic items, make up, haircuts, vitamins, etc.

7) Gather educational loans

Educational loans have to be repaid, they cannot be negotiated down or written off in a bankruptcy. This is an essential obligation that needs to be repaid but, according to current tax laws, all interest paid on student loans is tax deductible. It’s a nice benefit on your taxes. This type of expense is something you don’t want to default on.

Defaulting on a student loan can lead to you being sued, wage garnishment, bad credit history, your tax refunds may be taken, or part of your social security could be withheld. There is no escaping this expense. The loan program has many solutions to help you if you are going through a difficult time to make payments.

8) Gather miscellaneous expenses

You can’t avoid this section. Birthday presents, children activities, luncheons at work, unexpected school events, and family picnics. These expenses need to be included, because it is all a part of life and an area that should be considered when reviewing they money you spend.

All these expenses should be gathered for the period of one full month, so for example, from January 1st to January 31st. Although many of these expenses will change each month, you will be able to get a general feel of the areas in which you are spending money. Keep each category separate and clip together

4 Essentials To Convert Network Marketing Leads Without Speaking To Anyone

In Internet network marketing, we need to be doing just 1 thing everyday to generate network marketing leads and get good at doing the things that are important without having to spend too much money, by leaving out guess work.

This means not having to worry about technical stuff which does not bring in money. Advertising and marketing are the main things which generate revenue. Revenue generating activities involve distributing website namecards, video marketing, classified ads.

Notice there was no mention of sales. Sales is not done by the reps, instead we use an auto responder to close the business. That’s the amazing thing of the 21st century and we should utilize this technology to build our wealth in our sleep.

When we start making 1 sale online, all we need to do is duplicate the system and teach this to everyone in the downline so that they too can earn 4 to 5 figures online simply by using the internet and a laptop.

Here’s what is used to convert network marketing leads without talking to anyone.

a) Website

Every member will have a website of their own. This is a website that belongs to the team and not the network marketing company. Everyone in the system are aware of the steps to take to build the business and sell the products. The website will also be loaded with methods the team uses to build the business with the internet. Most of the work is already done and the downline need not worry about html or how to set up an auto responder.

By leveraging on what is already existing, new non techy members can leave out the technical stuff and short cut their way to earning recurring income online.

b) The team’s Auto Responder

This auto responder normally belongs to the upline. In this way, the upline assists the downline with tips and tricks on succeeding in the business by email. Not only that, the auto responder allows through duplication of the system and everyone gains access to an automated sales man which closes sales on auto pilot. Additional tips can be also found in the back office, such as effective ads and avenues to advertise which bring in sales.

c) Email series with each affiliates embedded links

The magic of auto responders is that a single auto responder can be configured for every single team member. Amazing isn’t it? 1000 members can all benefit from a single auto responder so long as the team knows how to configure it for everyone’s success.

d) Other forms of income in the site

Other then the main network marketing business opportunity, other streams of income can also be added to the site. Network marketing leads that do not join the business, may be interested to purchase products that create wealth through other methods such as adsense and blogging. When they do, the members still get to earn a commission even though no one joined their business. This is called affiliate marketing which can be used to supplement the main network marketing income stream

3 Easy Ways To Build Your Platform

Did you know the most important asset you have in your business is your platform? It’s true. You may be asking what your “platform” is? Well, it’s like your personal portfolio for your business. It includes media you’ve received, awards you’ve won, your websites, your blog, your ezine subscribers, your books, your products… your speaking engagements, your client list, testimonials… basically everything that represents the solidity of you and your business.

I admit I was surprised when I first learned this, too. After all, so many entrepreneurs focus on delivering their product or service without focusing on building their platform. Whether or not you ever want to be on Oprah, get a six-figure advance, or be written up in the New York Times, your platform is still important… because it represents how well you are sharing your valuable work with the world. And, that, my friend is why you’re in business, isn’t it?

This isn’t about being “famous”; it’s about being well known and respected in your field of expertise. I call this underground celebrity. You know, the kind where nobody “out there” knows who you are, but when you’re around “your people” you feel like a celebrity.

The good news is there are a few simple things you can do to build your platform. Here are my top three ways to get started today:

1. Publish an email newsletter.

Every business owner needs to be growing their list of potential clients and customers. And, the quickest and most inexpensive way to do this is publishing an email newsletter. It can be easy to get started by simply emailing your newsletter to a few friends and family members who give you permission to do so. (Please get their permission, or it’s considered illegal SP^AM.)

To start, decide how often you’re going to publish your newsletter and stick to that schedule, whether you send it to one person or thousands of people. Most Internet marketers suggest a frequency of at least twice per month.

Then, decide what content you’ll put in your newsletter. You could include a personal greeting, article, tip, calendar of your events, recommended resources, or anything else that will serve your audience and be of Value. Do not make your newsletter entirely self-promotional. Your list will grow because of the valuable information you share with your target audience. But, do be sure to showcase your expertise. After all, this is about building your platform and become an “underground celebrity.”

2. Begin public speaking.

I know there are statistics showing most people would rather die than speak in front of an audience. Sorry, but if you want to build your platform fast, you’re going to have to get used to speaking in front of an audience. It’s easier to get more business, when you get out there and showcase your expertise… in public.

The best place to start speaking is at local networking meetings. Check out the calendar of events in your town newspaper and see what “happenings” are going on. Make note of any organizations or groups that list a speaker as part of their meeting agenda. Then, let your fingers do the walking via telephone or keyboard and pitch yourself as a speaker. (Or better yet, delegate this to your assistant.) Just make sure you have your talk title, description, bio and professional picture ready to be emailed prior to calling. Chances are the person you speak to will want to see this information.

Another option is to put this information on your website and send them to that page. Then, once you’re in front of an audience, invite them to “opt-in” to get your Free email newsletter so you can continue building a relationship with them… and eventually let them know about your products and services!

3. Get talked about in the media.

You may be thinking “Oprah” right off the bat. But, hold your horses. You’ve got a much better chance of being featured in your local newspaper than on “Oprah.” So, let’s focus on that. The first thing to keep in mind is local reporters are Looking for newsworthy stories. Your job is to make your message “news.”

The best way to do this is write a press release that pertains to something current in the news and tie it in to your area of expertise. For example, you’re a career expert and you read an article about a layoff in your town. Your press release would address the “news” of the local layoff and you would feature yourself as an expert by offering tips to discover a new career after losing your job. Get the idea? A little creativity will go a long way in tying your expertise to local news stories.

Remember this. When you submit your press release, do your homework. Make sure you are familiar with the publication/show you are pitching and find out Who you should send your press release to, and in what format (email, fax, mail). The media will be happy to know you’re actually familiar with their publication/show.

Lastly, keep a list of all the media exposure you receive as this is part of your platform. Prospect clients often choose to work with people who have a track record of being seen as an expert by the media.

Implementing simple platform building strategies like these will help build your foothold in your market. If you’re just getting started on your business, incorporate these strategies Now so you’ve got an established platform as a foundation for your success. And, if you’re already somewhat established in business, but haven’t built your platform as much as you’d like… it’s never too late to start.

10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Website

Web design is the art and procedure of building a single web page or entire an website. It may involve both the mechanics as well as the aesthetics of a web site’s operation, though first and foremost it focuses on the feel and look of the website and the design elements. A web design is a selection and coordination of obtainable components to produce the layout and edifice of a web page. Web design has a major impact on web marketing efforts. Some of the major aspects that may include in web production or web design are graphics, color selection, animation, navigation design, font selection, content creation, ecommerce, and java script programming.

10 good reasons why your business requires a web site

Expediency for customers

It is much easier and quicker than in the past to use an Internet while searching for business and products in a wide range. Millions of web searches are done daily and it is quite common for business to locate their next supplier on the web and customers to research a website on the internet. If you don’t have an website online then you could be missing sales you didn’t know you could have had.

Offers greater exposure

Your business website will be noticeable to all your current clients and your potential clients too. You will not be tied up for long to a limited geographical exposure of the phone book or the yellow pages. Your customers won’t have to visit your retail outlets or office to see an example of what you provide, nor will they need any marketing materials posted to them.

More information

You can provide more information on a website than you could in any yellow pages, print advertisement, and TV/radio advertisement. There are no time restrictions and space restrictions on a website, so you will be able to say more of what you want and keep adding more information if required.

Inexpensive and effective advertising

Supplying or advertising on a website is not as expensive and quite effective. Your customer will definitely have a good and better knowledge of your services and products, since they’re able to explore your services and products at anytime they want.

Fulfills your brand pledge

With a professionally designed web site it can become an additional part of your brand Your business site can be enhanced and you can create a professional image online, thus giving your competitors a healthy as well as difficult competition.

Saves money

You can save money on postage and printing costs for brochures, specials, flyer, newsletters, and other mailings.

Always available

Your office or retailing shops may open 9-5 through Monday to Friday, but your website is doing business 24/7. Even if there are no personnel in the office your services may be automatically done through the website.

Saves time

You can save time of answering customer’s enquiries or questions over the phone by uploading ones own website which answers most of the queries of customers and others.

Easier to test novel ideas

You can publish and create new content within a few minutes at no cost with a content management system installed on your site.

Ultimately it’s your decision, but keep in mind that soon we’ll get to point where customers will not only ask for your website address but insist on it or find someone else more up to date.

A Guide To Grow Your Content Site And Generate Profits

Looking for a step by step method to grow your content site and turn it into profits? This blueprint will show you how to do it.

Throw In Money-Making Systems

There are so many ways to do this, it would be too difficult to list them all.

The most obvious is adding ‘Pay per Click’ links, like Google Adsense or one of the alternatives. Since your blog will be tightly themed, you’ll see well targeted ads appearing across your blog.

Another proven system is to run ads for products or services. These can be your own, or ones you’re promoting as an affiliate.

A critical way you can differentiate yourself from the crowd is to do a short ‘advertorial’ (or endorsement) instead of merely placing a link or banner for the product or service you’re promoting. Use a picture, some bullet points highlighting the biggest benefits, end with a powerful call to action, and insert your affiliate link.

When you’ve created this endorsement box, insert it into the blog template so it shows up across your blog, getting your ad multiple exposures – giving you the highest chance of making a sale.

Kickstart The Marketing

Set up your blog to ping the major services every time you update your blog.

Promote your opt-in list everywhere – in email sig files, on forum signatures, on ezine directories, running paid ads, ad swaps, doing JV deals.

  • Submit your blog’s RSS feed to all the major directories.
  • Use ‘tag and ping’ to get listed in social bookmarking sites.
  • Run your blog roll list – and start conversations with other bloggers.
  • Encourage visitors, subscribers and forum registrants to help spread the word.
  • Submit articles to various directories and ezines, linking back to your blog.

These are the most effective, least expensive methods I’ve used to drive the initial rush of traffic. They should work well to begin with – and then, you can take it as high as you wish.

How It All Synchronizes Together

Sure, it takes some time to set this all up correctly. But when you consider how easily and effortlessly you can continue to manage your ’system’ once it’s set up, you’ll agree it’s well worth the effort.

When your framework is in place, here’s what you’ll have to continue doing:

1. Post a short article or post to your blog regularly, often

2. Well, really, there is NOTHING further to do!


Your post on your blog will link to your forum – inviting visitors to discuss it. If you allow comments to be posted, these visitors will also generate content for your own blog.

The discussions on the forum will generate a vibrant community – after some intiial nurturing and hand-holding, of course – which then becomes self-sustaining. (Think about how often you see Allen Says in here, and you’ll get the idea!)

The autoresponder system will automatically pull content from your RSS feed and email it to your registered subscribers, providing them with the latest content, and maybe also enticing them back to the forum and blog.

As more and more visitors hit your blog and forum, your list will grow, and more folks see your ads – and soon you’ll be making sales.

Throw in viral pass-along systems, and everything grows incrementally – hands off.

Your only ‘expense’ needs to be on content development (if you don’t want to do it yourself). Everything else can be found for free, or at a very nominal cost (not counting your time and effort investment in learning and implementing the technology)… and will quickly become self-financing if your PPC and direct sales revenues grow.

7 Tips For Success And Better Results In Network Marketing

Achieving better results in Network Marketing is not as difficult as you may think. But if your success rate has not been so good to date, there is a reasonable chance that you have not being doing things the easy way, or should I say, the “lazy” way.

The secret is not to work harder but to work smarter, so let’s take a look at the 7 tips below to see how they can help you to succeed.

Are You Using an Internet-Based Marketing System

Operating your network marketing business on line gives you far greater capabilities in lead generation and follow up so if you are not already marketing your program on the Internet, it really is time to start.

Doing things this way will bring the leads to you instead of you having to find them and best of all your lead generation and follow up can be carried out automatically. .

Improve the Way You Targeting Your Audience

Your targeting can be improved immensely when you use the Internet. All you need to do is find out what your prospects are looking for, discover where they hang out on line and make sure your advertising hits these locations.

Instant Follow Up

When your leads are captured to an automated email opt-in list this provides an instant follow up which is always best for your business. You will then have more time to spend on persuasion and pre-selling.

Learn How to Use Leverage

If you want your business to grow rapidly you need to learn how to leverage both your time and your money. You should always put a percentage of your profits straight back into your business on a monthly basis. You can use leverage for just about anything – to increase your advertising budget, introduce helpful business tools, continue education and even for outsourcing.

The whole aim should be to put your time and money into something which will multiply your profits.

Have More Than One Stream of Income

Are all your eggs in one basket? You should have more than one stream of income as relying on any single MLM program to make you rich is simply not realistic.

Go for multiple streams of income from a good mix of programs providing both straight commission as well as residual income so that your wealth will accumulate.

Automate As Much As You Possibly Can

Do some research and check out the ways you can get your business running successfully “hands free” Internet based marketing can be automated in more ways than lead generation and follow up – it is all there just waiting for your discovery!

Never Forget Your Downline!

The performance of your down line affects your results so make sure you teach the members how to succeed in what they are doing. It is important to keep up motivation and interest by touching base with them every now and then. You could even consider publishing a regular newsletter dedicated specifically to your down line.

7 Ways To Improve Your Ezine Response Rates

If your Ezine response rates are low there could be several reasons for this. You may not be keeping up with current subscribers and readers the way you need to. The material you present may have become stale and boring. Or perhaps you’re just not reaching the right kind of readers, even through the marketing and advertising techniques you’ve been currently taking advantage of.

Here are seven ideas to jump start your Ezine response rate back to, and maybe even above, where it was before.

1. Try new techniques for advertising and marketing online. This should be especially effective if you’ve only been using one kind of advertising campaign. Instead of just using only pop ups or only banner ads, try using two or more kinds of online advertising. For example, try using popunders because they are cheap and work in a way that seems to get more page views. Add onto that banner ads targeted to websites that market products and/or services discussed in your Ezine. Also, consider creating a website and, if you have already accomplished this, making it something new and fresh for visitors.

2. Use online networking sites such as Myspace, facebook, friendster, cafemom and many, many more. Create a site in each networking site dedicated solely to your Ezine. You can then go through each networking site’s search engine to find members of that site who may be interested in what your Ezine has to offer. For example, if you’re Ezine has to do with quilting, then look up men and women who are part of quilting groups online. You can post an announcement or send personal messages to members of those groups to let them know about your Ezine. Search their personal sites as sometimes they will list other groups on other websites that deal with the same topic. You can then go to those websites and see if you can advertise there as well.

3. Try targeted emails. There are some companies that offer email lists of people who are interested in the very topic your Ezine covers. Like any form of advertising however, it does cost some money. You may want to research a few companies and find out how well their targeted email campaign has worked for others that have used their services.

4. Advertise offline. Print some out flyers and business cards to distribute at welcoming stores and offices for their clients to see. Hit the college campuses where the bulletin boards are read quite often. Don’t forget to use your word of mouth. Word of mouth can sometimes be the largest generator of business you’ll ever see. Begin with friends and family who you know you can count on to subscribe. Ask them to pass on the news of your Ezine to those they think might be even remotely interested.

5. Ask your current subscribers and clients to pass the word about your Ezine. Again it is a great way to watch your response rate grow. If you find things are not moving along the way you plan, throw a little money or reward the reader’s way with bonuses for referrals. When people see they could get rewarded, even in a small way, for bringing more business your way they are more likely to participate.

6. If all the above still isn’t raising the response rates for you, then perhaps it is time for a brand new look for your Ezine. Bring in some new content producers. They can bring a fresh taste to any stale content you are currently sending out to subscribers. Also consider a fresh new look and tactics. Maybe a new name for your Ezine would do the trick and get more readers curious about what they see in their inbox. Keep up with the latest Ezine trends and try to out do them by a mile.

7. If all else fails then it is time for the dreaded client satisfaction survey. It may take some time to get all the data you need to figure out what you need to change in order to get a higher response rate, but it will pay off in the end. Ask your current subscribers how they feel about the content, advertising methods, look of the Ezine and what would make them read more and open that email every time they see it.

While there are for certain more ideas out there than just these seven for increasing your Ezine response rate, these are a good start. Just remember that what you want for your Ezine is never as important as what the client is looking for. You may enjoy what you have created, but if you can’t get a good subscriber base, then it is all for not.

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